Atitjere Crèche is located in Harts Range, traditionally called Atitjere, which is near East MacDonnell ranges. Atitjere is approximately 200 kms east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory along the Plenty Highway.

Atitjere has approximately 400 local Aboriginal people, and the Crèche offers quality Early Learning and Preschool programs.

We have one local Preschool teacher and four local staff who hold a Certificate III in early Childhood Education. Our staff pride themselves on ensuring that all children in our care are immersed in their traditional culture.

Harts Range red with sun

Our staff speak both Arrernte and English to children, with the aim to ensure that the local language stays strong for generations to come. Additionally, our staff use a variety of teaching programs, such as the "3a Approach", "Count Me In", and "The Little Scientists" to name a few. We offer a holistic learning approach to nurture the whole child as they grow and develop.

Finally but not least importantly, we provide a delicious morning tea and lunch program.